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Dark Lady - Grab my oiled butt and cum at zero!

New Update Cum Countdown

Grab my oiled butt and cum at zero!

After workout with small weights she oils up her legs and butt. She let flow huge amounts of oil on her juicy ass cheeks. Her golden thong leotard is the perfect match to loads of oil and gives you access to her butt cheeks with one hand and - as she orders with cum countdown from 10 to 0 - jerk off your cock with the other hand. At the end the floor will be full with oil and sperm... 

Length 8 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Rapture - Your tiny manhood

New Update Femdom POV

Your tiny manhood

She is not amused when small dick men spying on her in the ladies shower room. But the muscular lady in her elegant swimsuit turns the whole thing around when she let you know what she will do with you when she ever gets her hand on you. That is ripping it off, laughing at you, talking about your small dick, want you to get it hard when looking at her beautiful muscular body. Men usually get real big and hard at seeing her muscles...

Length 10 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Rapture - Invitation to jerk off with a view!

New Update Muscular Women

Invitation to jerk off with a view!

At the start she invites you to jerk as she oils up her muscular body and masturbates herself. Then posing and walking at her big apartment window, with a bright and sunny city view. Of course she expects you to shoot off a huge load of cum at the sight of her beautiful muscular body!

Length 11 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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